"An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language."Martin Buber


Maureen Manning established PAWS for SynerChi with a vision to become a well-respected animal healing center which also offers healing services to the animal's families through its sister organization POSITIVE SynerChi. PAWS for SynerChi will work closely with veterinarians and in conjunction with animal rescue and/or shelter organizations.

  • PAWS for SynerChi will be recognized for its compassion, service excellence, and its commitment to giving back to animal-related charitable organizations
  • PAWS for SynerChi will specialize in several different animal healing modalities including but not limited to: Acupressure, Massage, Animal Communication, Energy Healing
  • POSITIVE SynerChi will specialize in human services such as Iridology, Reiki, and Acupressure
  • Both PAWS for SynerChi and POSITIVE SynerChi will utilize essential oils, and flower essences as appropriate
  • Repeat business will be an extremely important aspect of the organization
  • Five percent of all revenues will be donated to animal-related charitable organizations


The mission of PAWS for SynerChi provides the framework for which our strategies and objectives are formulated, and guides the actions of everything we do.

  • To provide compassionate care to each and every animal just like we would expect someone to care for our own animals
  • To provide the highest quality of customer service to help improve the lives of, and strengthen the relationship between animals and their families
  • To celebrate the bond between animals and their families by taking the time to listen, understand, and address the emotional and physical needs of the animal
  • To treat every animal and their respective families with dignity and respect


  • Provide care that emphasizes Proactive Animal Wellness and Support (PAWS)
  • Strengthen the human-animal bond
  • Deliver services in a safe environment, where there is minimal distraction
  • Provide a professional, supportive, and educational environment for clients
  • Work in conjunction / cooperatively with the veterinarian community and local shelters
  • Support and participate in community events and charitable organizations
  • Deliver high quality care at a price allowing us to keep current in the field, give back to the community and achieve a fair living
  • Uphold all legal, professional and ethical standards
  • Deliver services which are not intended to replace medical or veterinary healthcare