• Helping rescue animals to understand sheltering and fostering, identify what they want in a new home (i.e. kids, other animals), adjust to new family and home, heal from neglect, abuse, and abandonment
  • Helping animals understand family structure changes: new arrivals of animals or humans; discussing animals needs before adding a new animal family member; departures of animals or humans through divorce, separation, etc.
  • Travel and moving: helping animals understand their humans will return from business trips and vacations and who will care for them to reduce or prevent separation anxiety


  • Deepening your understanding, intimacy and sacred bond with animals by discovering what they are thinking, feeling and what means most to them
  • Understanding how animals view their lives, everyday likes, preferences and needs
  • Behavioural challenges: discovering the causes; negotiating changes and solutions
  • Understanding emotional issues such as fear, aggression, withdrawal, depression, etc.
  • Helping to heal trauma, such as from injury, illness, death or grief
  • Supporting and understanding animals needs through death and dying
  • Talking with the spirit of animals after their death

Animal Communication is NOT intended to replace medical or veterinary healthcare.

An Animal Communicator cannot provide a medical diagnosis, prescribe medications,

perform surgical procedures or provide chiropractic manipulations.

What is Animal Communication?

Animal Communication occurs by being connected with the spirit of an animal and feeling, hearing, seeing and sensing messages from their soul. How is this possible? We are all made up of energy, and every thought, feeling and intention is a physical energy with its own frequency. By becoming "in-tune" with those energies we are able to connect with and understand each other.

We have forgotten this common language - the silent language of intuitive communication; a language of empathy, emotions and feeling; a language of the heart. We are all born with the ability to communicate in this silent, intuitive way. As we get older and more conditioned to using logic and the spoken word, we slowly lose the skill of trusting our intuition, our "inner knowing' which is innate in us all. Some of us retain this gift as we grow up, others are able to regain it through classes and special training exercises.

Animal communication is about trusting our inner voice and being conscious and aware of our thoughts and feelings. Positive intention and following our hearts, not our heads, is the key to effective inter species communication.

Animal Communication